Cracking The Wine Code

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Why You'll Love Cracking The Wine Code

Cracking the Wine Code is the starting point for any curious but frustrated wine drinker: someone who doesn’t know much about wine other than the fact that they enjoy it, someone who wants to understand why they prefer a particular wine over another and how to recognise one that is similar.

It provides answers to all your wine queries: a systematic approach to defining your preferences, an explanation of how to make sense of a wine label and a shopping-friendly style guide to the most common grape varieties and wine regions on the market.

It also includes practical tips on serving, storing and buying wine, hints on how you can tell if a wine is off, plus some easy rules to follow when you want to pair wine with a meal. For the budding wine expert, there are insights into buying at auction, advice on investing in wine ‘futures’ and an introduction to how traditional, as well as alternative, organic and biodynamic wines are produced.  

No more ‘I don’t know much about wine, but I know what I like’ – you too can be a connoisseur!  

What Others Have To Say


"Did I tell you? I LOVE the book, already dipping into it and confounding others with my superior knowledge, so thank you for allowing me to appear so clever!"

"Our favourite pocket introduction to wine" Daunt Books, Cheapside

"I have to say I loved your book. Quite brilliant. Really simple. Really clear. And totally understandable. Huge compliments. And thank you for writing the book I've been wanting to read and been looking for for ages!"

"Congratulations on your excellent book - it's readable, clear, fascinating and so, so helpful!"

"Your book is excellent! Going to give it to everyone for Christmas."

"I'm mightily impressed you have written, published, marketed and sold nearly 3,000 copies essentially by yourself - it is a superb result that many have tried but failed to even come close to achieving."

"...beautifully explicit and educational."

"I am genuinely enjoying it and being educated. Well done you."

"A very significant and original book. It's plainly written by a person with an analytical and practical mind and lots of hard work behind her. I was particularly interested to see sections in your book on wine futures, organic methods and the excellent glossary of terms. 'Rules of thumb' is also a good idea but, of course, the great original feature is to write a wine book without mentioning a single chateau, négociant or commercial outlet. This, to me, is a breakthrough, and the consequence of a sound, dare I say it, academic method. Many congratulations."

"Congratulations for this excellent multum in parvo. I did enjoy it"

"Your book contains an enormous amount of material...very comprehensive for sure...not stuffy or pretentious!"