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Corporate Events

For a cost-effective solution to your corporate entertainment needs, Lavinia Brown provides bespoke events that are tailored to your company marketing requirements, commercial budget and to your client's profile and knowledge levels.

Whether you require a formal setting for high-profile corporate networking, a relaxed forum for client entertaining, a themed boardroom lunch or an original theme to mark an internal closing deal celebration, Lavinia will create the vinous occasion that ensures its success. Previous clients include Global Asset Managment (GAM), ING, Balyasny Asset Managment, Bank of New York, Plutus Wealth Management, Psigma, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, GAM, International Food & Wine Society, Thorn Lighting, Indosuez W.I Carr Securities, Bentalls department store, Corpus Christi College Cambridge, ABN AMRO.

"Lavinia - I just wanted to write a few words to thank you for the wine game you hosted for us. The planning and execution of every aspect of this was outstanding and exceeded very high expectations. Both the format and the way you hosted it worked from a number of different perspectives - it was informative for wine connoisseurs without ever running the risk of alienating those who have a limited/basic knowledge of wines, it worked perfectly as an ice-breaker for people who had never met before without ever taking on a sense of "forced mingling" and (most importantly) it was a lot of fun. The feedback from all the attendees has been outstanding. Thank you for a simply excellent job!"

"the tone, style and content of the wine game you developed was exactly as required, providing an excellent balance of informative wine tasting facts, whilst also being fun and interactive. It was good to see such animated team spirit amongst a number of people who had never before met! Your co-ordination and execution of the event was seamless and highly professional which resulted in a very successful evening."

"...a fantastic success. Clients really appreciated it and feedback has been excellent, the wine challenge provoked conversation and made the whole evening extremely interactive...we definitely plan to repeat the event next year."

"Thank you very much for a wonderful evening. I really enjoyed the 'compare and contrast' format and thought you gave a very clear and concise explanation of the wine industry, the wine-making process and the wines themselves. Moreover, the setting itself was superb with the backdrop of the restaurant's wines behind us. The client feedback this morning has been very positive and I'll certainly look to book one of these events again."

"...absolutely thrilled with the outcome...and the feedback has been excellent from clients...Thank you again for pulling together a very unique evening."

Photos of Recent Events

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Customised Cellar Creation & Fine Wine Portfolio Management

Cellar creation is for wine enthusiasts who wish to build a private collection for drinking in the near to long term future, or for laying down. It can also be offered as an unusual value-added service for corporate high net worth clients. Following an initial consultation about drinking habits, tastes and budgets, Lavinia hand-picks sample mixed selections from a range of preferred wine suppliers, auction houses and producers. Based on a detailed analysis of client feedback, a bespoke cellar is then created and managed. Ongoing personalised buying services may then be sought in order to keep the cellar up-to-date.

Collections may be made up exclusively of everyday drinking wines for quaffing, they might include a balance of wines for drinking as well as for keeping, or they might focus instead on fine wines with financial investment potential sourced en primeur and from brokers. Current market valuations of fine wines, professional storage advice and suggested drinking timetables and occasions are also available.

"I have really liked the vast majority of these wines, and some I have loved. There are very few that I can say I would not buy or drink again. So my dilemma will be what to order from you the next time, but I can get your guidance on that."

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Wine Courses, Parties, Tastings & Workshops

Lavinia aims to demystify the world of wine and her informal, accessible courses and workshops are designed for those that enjoy wine, want to learn more about it but don't necessarily know where to start. Sessions are personalised to knowledge levels, budget and group size and can either focus on a particular wine-producing region or country, or on a range of topics including how to taste, how to navigate a wine list, and how to pair different types of wines with various foods and occasions. Workshops can be held in a private home, in a restaurant, in a venue of your choice or even in the supermarket aisle and can also be fun, alternative birthday celebrations or house-warmings!

"Lavinia – you did a great job at our house...Thank you for creating such a wonderful evening.”

"Lavinia has been a superb educator on this subject...OUTSTANDING, no less. Thank you so much."

"Excellent course. Thoroughly enjoyable. Far exceeded my expectations."

Photos of Recent Events

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Weddings, Gift Lists, Hen Nights and Stag Parties

If you feel that you already have all the towels, linen, pots and pans you'll ever need then why not set up a wine wish list as an alternative gift list? Lavinia will consult with you on budget, your tastes and the type of collection you would like to build and can put together a bespoke selection from her range of preferred suppliers. This can include wines for everyday drinking, those for laying down, wines with investment potential as well as wine accessories such as glassware. She can also help you choose or source the most appropriate wines and champagnes for your wedding day as well as organise original and fun, themed hen nights or stag parties.

"I thought you did a fab job - great idea and very interesting.  I learnt a lot despite evidence to the contrary in my test results!!"

Photos of Recent Events

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Wine Valuations, Advisory, Public Speaking & Writing

As the former wine specialist for Bonhams auction house and the Geneva-based Hotel des Ventes, Lavinia has considerable experience of the auction world and offers both saleroom and current market fine wine valuations. She is also available for restaurant consultancy work (putting together wine lists), for free-lance writing projects, and to host themed wine dinners. She has written for Tatler’s Best Restaurant Guide, HK and is a former member of the International Food & Wine Society at whose events she spoke regularly. She can advise institutions on how to set up wine foundations too.

"La vente de vin était une expérience très positive, exactement comme on l'imaginait au mieux! Une vente à renouveler...merci mille fois pour votre magnifique engagement et bonne humeur, vous avez effectué un travail très professionnel!"

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